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Persian Web TV™
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Persian Web TV™ is the one and only internet based portal designed to provide its viewers with pre-recorded informative video articles on many topics of interest 24/7 in Farsi/English. Persian Web TV’s innovative and dynamic on-demand technique of informing the public will help enhance the viewers’ knowledge on their subject of interest, in a time period that is affordable by all.

These compelling and informative video articles are delivered by experts of the Persian community who offer priceless information and stimulating tips and recommendations in Farsi/English. The information is available 24/7 and search and Selection can be performed on video articles by subject or by expert name.

The experts’ profiles are also available on-line so that you can review and familiarize yourself with them. The accompanying text for the video article will also help those who are interested in studying the description before viewing.

The video articles are sorted in a variety of segments and disciplines including many subjects such as travel, cooking, food, law, automotive, real estate, etc.

The on-demand video articles are created at our in-house studio or on-location by our professionals in the Cinema and Television industries, who will provide a fresh approach to delivering video messages. Their many years of experience in the field will enable the creation of professional and interesting clips which will capture your imagination and create a full media experience.
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